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Seeking Rideshare Drivers That Work In The Entertainment Business

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Project 1: Covid-19 Survival Stories

"60 percent” Of The Los Angeles rideshare drivers work in the entertainment business. My years of growing up in the sports and entertainment and also the rideshare business has given me a unique point of view."

Rideshare Drivers Recruitment Program

We are recruiting multicultural multi-language writers, actors, directors, singers, musicians, comedians, DJ’s models, producers, editors, sound engineers, animators, lighting directors, Set directors, makeup artists, and film school students. Everything it takes to develop produce and market multiple original commercials sports, entertainment, and television content. Choose one of your favourite daily products and develop a 10 sec. advertisement video.

Project #1 Creative Commercials.


We are seeking rideshare driver production partners.

Hollins Entertainment Future
Funding Source

marketing and product placement

In Los Angeles/ Hollywood you are inundated with Celebrity movie and television sports fans. Many of them would love to host their own sports talk show with other Celebrity friends. Product Placement (liquor,beer,food and beverages). By featuring casinos and sports bars as our shows backdrop product placements and advertising will naturally look like a part of every show.

Marketing And Revenue

When you walk into any casino or sports bar you're surrounded with multiple product placement and cross marketing. (Liquor, food, sports events etc) . Because we produce all our shows onsite we will make deals with these companies to naturally showcase their products and services on our network.

Production partnership

We have done the advertising and marketing research on this production. We would like you to be one of our production location network partners. A partnership means we would feature a daily 1 hour show featuring your beautiful location. Multiple daily commercial advertising of your facility, and upcoming onsight live events. All of your Poker tournaments,concerts, MMA matches.

We will not only advertise your upcoming events we will also televise the event. We would love be to speak with you further about this project. The first project in development. (Man In The Arena). We are in the beginning stages of this project.at this time all we are looking for is a interest and contact info response huehollins9397@gmail.com Hue Hollins Jr. (424)232-9397. Thanks for your time.