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Summer Basketball Tournament

Like No Other

Get ready for the tournament that will turn NBA players into fans! The Hollins Entertainment summer basketball tournament—inspired in part by the legendary Kobe Bryant and superstar executive producer of the show Holy Moly Steph Curry--is the ultimate opportunity for amateur male ballers to show off their skills, have fun with the guys, and beat out the competition for a life-altering cash prize of $1 million. It's truly the most exciting, intense, and multicultural basketball tournament in American history.




It's time to lace up your shoes, practice your jump shots, and strut your stuff on the court. The Hollins Entertainment amateur basketball tournament is your shot to transform your skills into a $1 million cash prize. The first amateur green screen basketball tournament in America. This will be a non live audience streaming tournament for the safety of the fans and players due to COVID-19.  Think of it as "The American Idol of Basketball."

Over the course of an electrifying single-elimination tournament, 25 teams of ordinary men will compete for the pure love of the game. Twenty-four will fall, and one will emerge victorious! Episodes of this basketball entertainment event will be streamed for convenient viewing and will include captivating stories of everyday athletes just like you. Email us today to learn about this life-changing opportunity and tournament.

Thrilling Basketball Games

Our tournament will be held in California and will feature the ever-popular single-elimination format that fans love watching every March during the NCAA finals. Twenty-five amateur teams will be selected by lottery to compete for the chance to split the impressive cash price.

Each team will include eight players (five starters and three substitutes), one coach, and one referee. All players, coaches, and referees will be mixed. All tournament games will last for 20 minutes, including two timeouts. No participants will leave the green-screen basketball court until the game is finished, making for fast-paced and adrenaline-filled basketball entertainment.

Enhanced By Real Stories

Hollins Entertainment isn't just hosting a regular basketball tournament—we're hosting a basketball reality show and streaming event. This visual masterpiece will include your favorite aspect of reality television: the stories of ordinary people experiencing the extraordinary. Each episode will feature two- to three-minute background stories of the players and their cherished childhood memories. You'll also learn about what they would do and whom they would help if they were to win the tournament.

Potential Host, Snoop Dogg

That's right. We're in talks to secure the one-and-only Snoop Dogg as our inaugural host. Our CEO's father—Hue Hollins Sr.—just happens to be a friend and former neighbor of this pop-culture icon. Stay tuned as we finalize all tournament and hosting details.

Snopp dogg

About Us

About Us

Our CEO—Hue Hollins Jr.—spent his childhood surrounded by sports. His father was a NBA referee (wearing the great Jackie Robinson's jersey number 42) who instilled a love of basketball in Hue from a young age. Today, Hue is thrilled to be using his athletic passion and 40 years of experience to create a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for blue collar amature basketball players across our country.



Thank you for your interest. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

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